Monday, August 23, 2010

A niece says thanks

How can I summarize 75 years into one column?
How can I write what I want to say and convey to you why a man like Doug Seneker made such an impact on so many?
I don’t think I can. My black and white words will not do justice to the colorful lifetime of memories made.
My memories of my Dunkle Bug (which is how I pronounced his name when I was little and it stuck) are entangled with that of my Grandpa Don, his identical twin brother.
Literally two identical peas in a pod.
Since my grandpa’s sudden death in 2002, I have taken comfort in the “identicalness” of the two.
While I know that my uncle was devastated by the loss of his brother, he worked very hard to be there for the family in a way only my grandpa’s twin could be.
Unspoken understanding is one of the most unique attributes of the Senekers. I never spoke these words to my uncle but I know he knew.

Dear Dunkle Bug,
There is peace in my heart today because I know you ran the race set out for you.
You got all the “goody” out of this life and were blessed with a wife, children and grandchildren who love you.
Your obituary is filled with your accomplishments and accolades.
What a fine man you were. A dandy.
Thank you for your “extra presence” after Grandpa died.
You were larger than life. Funnier than most. Intelligent. Interesting. Interested. Insightful.
I am a better person for knowing you.
With much love
and respect,
As seen in the Lawrence County Record.
Doug Seneker’s complete obituary can be found on The Record's website:

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