Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Oehlschlager Daily News"

Sometimes, Matt answers our house telephone, “Hoberg Daily News! How may I help you?”
Most of the time, I roll my eyes and get on to the matter of why I am calling, but recently, Matt’s salutation has got me thinking. I’ve started to think about the newspaper and its significance in history.
Birthday season began last month and with it, like always, I am beginning to realize that everybody was right.
This time in my life when the kids are little DOES goes by in a blink of an eye.

Bring it on!

“You should’ve been a nurse,” my Aunt Mindy (the licensed nurse practitioner) told me after we corresponded back and forth about yet ANOTHER medical situation.
Yep, having some medical training would definitely come in handy with the group we have.
Every day is an adventure and it is even more of an adventure during cold and flu and strep throat season.
Every morning I wake up and I have absolutely NO clue what the days will hold.
Not a clue. Not an exaggeration.
A week or so ago, Rylan developed a fever and cold symptoms. That grew into a chest infection, ear infection and chicken pox (yes, he’s been vaccinated — twice!).
He seemed to be responding well to a new antibiotic (he, of course, is allergic to amoxicillin), until literally an hour after his second dose when he developed a scary, crazy looking and itchy rash up his neck and all over his face.