Friday, February 10, 2012

How to keep up with that feel-good-and-clean feeling

I think it's no secret that back in the day, most housewives organized the household chores by doing certain tasks on certain days. Generally speaking,

SUNDAY = Day of rest
MONDAY = washing
TUESDAY = ironing
WEDNESDAY = sewing
THURSDAY = shopping
FRIDAY = cleaning
SATURDAY = baking

I LOVE this kind of thinking. I love routine and schedules and lists and on and on. I also love to tweak it and modify it and then sometimes change it altogether. Love routine but also love change. (No wonder I'm so crazy!) ; )

For several months now I've followed this cleaning schedule and it has worked great:

SUNDAY = weekly prep (lunches for week, calendar, etc.)
MONDAY = clean bathrooms
TUESDAY = clean kitchen and laundry room
WEDNESDAY = clean bedrooms (and sheets — lots of fun with bunk beds)
THURSDAY = dusting/glass in all other rooms not yet cleaned
FRIDAY = bank/groceries
SATURDAY = misc. projects or catch up

On a perfect day, I would also do at least one load of laundry (and fold and put away — my least favorite part), keep up with the dishes and do the routine picking up (a never-ending task) of toys/nonsense that has trickled down from the kids' bedrooms. We also have the kids pick up their bedrooms daily (again, this is on a perfect day, haha...does this exist?).

The other day I decided on a whim to change up everything and revert to some of the old days habits.

Here's why I decided to change: my old schedule spread out the chores, but it also meant that every day a significant cleaning chore loomed over me, haunting and tainting the rest of the day. It was obviously more important than other things on my list. Those little projects that aren't always in the most urgent category got pushed to the next day's list and then the next and really went undone for weeks. This created yet another self-inflicted stress burden. Theoretically, this new schedule would force me to focus on those not-urgent-but-also-necessary-tasks.

I am currently on day five of my new schedule:

SUNDAY = weekly prep (lunches for week, calendar, etc.)
MONDAY = misc. projects
TUESDAY = ironing/mending/sewing
WEDNESDAY = work/plan menu
THURSDAY = office day/coupons/bank/groceries
SATURDAY = outside projects

How do you keep up with your daily chores? Comment to let me know...

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